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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2022, 2023 and 2024

Mother’s Day in the Philippines is celebrated by most people on the second Sunday of May, despite a 1998 presidential decree to move it and Father’s Day to the first Monday of December. It is not an official public holiday.

20228 MaySunMother's Day
202314 MaySunMother's Day
202412 MaySunMother's Day
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Mother’s Day is kind of a big day here in the Philippines. This is largely due to the large place of mothers in Filipino culture. Mum is called the “ilaw ng tahanan”, which means “the light of the home” due to the love, cheer, and brightness she brings to the family.

Common ways to treat Mum right on Mother’s Day in the Philippines include bringing her breakfast in bed, taking her out for lunch or dinner, giving her a card or a present, making a special phone call to tell her how much you miss her and love her, and just showing up at the family Mother’s Day event to spend some time with her.

Previous Years

20219 MaySunMother's Day
202010 MaySunMother's Day
201912 MaySunMother's Day