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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2025 and 2026

The people of the Philippines celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day on 14 February along with people throughout the world. Valentine’s Day is not an official public holiday here, but it is a popular observance that has some interesting local traditions attached to it.

202514 FebFriValentine's Day
202614 FebSatValentine's Day
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The first thing you notice on Valentine’s Day in the Philippines is that many restaurants have special Valentine’s Day menu items. They are often buffets and the charge is on a per-couple basis. The restaurants become so packed that you usually have to make reservations to get in. Resorts and hotels also are very busy.

You will also find “kissing contests” going on in many parts of the country. In past years, contestants have tried to kiss the longest or in the biggest kissing groups or break some other world kissing record. It is really quite a spectacle!

Of course, there are more routine aspects of Valentine’s Day in the Philippines too, like exchanging cards, eating too much chocolate, and shopping the sales at the local malls.

Previous Years

202414 FebWedValentine's Day
202314 FebTueValentine's Day